Background and Strategy

The BOA Financial Group of companies was formed with the primary objective of providing financial services in a cost efficient, technology driven and user-friendly manner to customers around the world.

BOA Financial Group aims to provide the basic financial services needs of its customers, through an innovative pricing schedule tiered to reward higher levels of assets under management with lower costs, all the while disclosing fully its charges, most normally associated with confusion and opacity in much of the traditional private banking and wealth management sector.

BOA Financial Group is investing heavily in technology and user experience: We aim to reduce costs, increase scalability, and deliver a uniformly higher quality product and service road map to guide customers to the right answers by developing a self-enabled decision making experience rather than simply pushing “the deal of the day”.

By enabling our customer, we will strive to avoid conflicts of interest inherent in today’s sales process. BOA Financial Group strives to continuously improve its offering. Every additional conversation, data point, new development, and learning moment will be channelled into change for the better.

Our Values


Integrity is the core of our mission statement. We adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethical standards. We do what is right, not just what is allowed.

Client centricity

We place our client’s interests first, always. We strive to make our customer’s experience as seamless as possible without sacrificing security.


We encourage non-traditional thinking and listen to different perspectives to keep on the forefront of technology advancements.


We set high performance standards and hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our work and avoid risky behaviour.

Equality and diversification

We are inclusive. We treat our employees fairly and like partners. We build diverse teams to generate better ideas.